The Most Googled “Should I…” Questions of 2020

2020’s plethora of global events have left all of us with far too many unanswered questions. How can we forget about COVID-19 flipping the world on its head (the world is, uh, still flipped on its head), the resulting recession, or the nail-biting American presidential election? It’s safe to say 2020 has been anything but sleepy.

For the third year in a row, the team at All Home Connections got our hands dirty to discover which questions are at the forefront of Americans’ minds. With so much uncertainty in the air this year, we were especially eager to see 2020’s results.

Residents in seven states asked Google if they should adopt a pooch, while people in five states pondered if they should delete Facebook. Thanks to record-low mortgage rates, people in eight states googled “should I refinance?” more than any other question. The most popular question googled nationwide was “should I quarantine?”—a true testament to COVID-19’s widespread impact.

Perhaps the biggest curveball was Florida’s and Maryland’s top search query for “should I shave my head?” But hey, at this point, nothing about 2020 surprises any of us anymore. 

Most Googled Should I Questions of 2020

2020’s Top “Should I…” Google Searches Revealed 

  • In New York, residents googled “Should I move [houses]?” left and right. Locals in New York City in particular experienced one of the deadliest waves of COVID-19 the country saw, surpassing 6,350 COVID-19 cases by April 6, 2020.
  • In happier news, a surge of residents in seven states searched, “Should I adopt a dog?” more than any other question—and, apparently, people liked what they saw. In the three months following COVID-19’s newly-minted pandemic status, 5% of all US adults brought home their very own Fido.
  • Locals in New Jersey and Michigan asked Google “Should I pop a blister?” more than they probably wanted to. Thanks to lockdowns, cooking at home increased astronomically, which meant hospitals saw an uptick in cooking-related injuries too (including good ole oven burns). 
State"Should I..."
AlabamaShould I quarantine
AlaskaShould I refinance
ArizonaShould I buy a house now
ArkansasShould I get a dog
CaliforniaShould I get back with my ex
ColoradoShould I quarantine
ConnecticutShould I dye my hair
DelawareShould I refinance
District of ColumbiaShould I quarantine
FloridaShould I shave my head
GeorgiaShould I buy a house now
HawaiiShould I quarantine
IdahoShould I get tested for COVID
IllinoisShould I quit my job
IndianaShould I quarantine
IowaShould I dye my hair
KansasShould I get a dog
KentuckyShould I have a baby
LouisianaShould I get a dog
MaineShould I refinance
MarylandShould I shave my head
MassachusettsShould I delete Facebook
MichiganShould I pop a blister
MinnesotaShould I quit my job
MississippiShould I quarantine
MissouriShould I get a dog
MontanaShould I refinance
NebraskaShould I quarantine
NevadaShould I buy a house now
New HampshireShould I quarantine
New JerseyShould I pop a blister
New MexicoShould I refinance
New YorkShould I move houses
North CarolinaShould I delete Facebook
North DakotaShould I get tested for COVID
OhioShould I get a dog
OklahomaShould I get a dog
OregonShould I dye my hair
PennsylvaniaShould I delete Facebook
Rhode IslandShould I quarantine
South CarolinaShould I get a dog
South DakotaShould I quarantine
TennesseeShould I refinance
TexasShould I move houses
UtahShould I have a baby
VermontShould I quarantine
VirginiaShould I delete Facebook
WashingtonShould I delete Facebook
West VirginiaShould I refinance
WisconsinShould I get tested for COVID
WyomingShould I refinance


We looked at each state’s search volume from thirteen of the most googled “Should I…” questions to see what people in each state have questions about. 

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