How Much Do Professional Quarterbacks Make Per Hour?

Professional Quarterback Salary Breakdown

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Some professional quarterbacks live in million-dollar mansions and drive $500,000+ sports cars, but not every professional quarterback makes six-figure salaries and lives a high roller lifestyle. If you’re Jimmy Garoppolo, you’re cashing in $27,645,113 per hour, but if you’re Dak Prescott, you’re earning *only* $65,620 an hour.  

On average, each professional football player gets 11 minutes of playtime per game. The team at All Home Connections wanted to see how much that amounts to per hour for first-string professional quarterbacks in the 2018 football season.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to see how much the highest-paid quarterbacks get paid per minute too.  

So, how much money do professional quarterbacks make to throw around a piece of leather? (Spoiler alert: be prepared to get a little jealous.) 

Interesting findings 

  • Aaron Rodgers has the highest yearly salary of any first-string quarterback. At $66,900,000 a year, Rodgers earns an hourly wage of $8,762,304. To break it down further, that shakes out to be $146,038 per minute of playtime. The first-string quarterback with the lowest-paid salary is Dak Prescott, who makes a mere $630,000 a year. 
  • In 2018, America’s median household income was $61,937. In the same year, the median pay for a starting quarterback was $15,750,000—That’s a little over 250 times as much as American’s median income.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo had the highest hourly rate of any big-name quarterback. In 2018, he took 197 snaps and had an estimated playtime of 1 hour, 31 minutes and 3 seconds. That amounts to a yearly salary of $41,950,000, meanwhile his hourly wage shakes out to be $27,645,113. It would take someone who makes $80,000 a year over 345 years to make what Garoppolo makes in a single hour. 
  • Dak Prescott had the lowest per hour of playtime rate, and he still makes $65,620 per hour. (Pssst: that’s higher than 50% of what American households make in an entire year.) Washington, DC has the highest minimum wage in the country, and its minimum wage is only $14.00 per hour. 
  • If you look closely, you’ll notice that Tom Brady made some of the lowest earnings atop our list—even though he’s one of the most well-known professional quarterbacks. Brady could have earned at least $60 million more, but because he stayed loyal to the Patriots, he signed contracts with them year after year with lower base salaries (but higher signing bonuses and more upfront money).  
  • 1939 was the first year professional football started streaming in peoples’ homes. Back then, they only had two cameras and eight crewmembers working the first game. Now, the regular season is available on five channels, and nearly 119,648 people work both behind the scenes and on the field. 


To get our numbers, we calculated the estimated total time played for every professional first-string quarterback for each professional football team in the 2018 season. 

We calculated their number of total snaps in the regular season and playoff games and multiplied that by their offense’s average seconds per play. We then divided this by their 2018 earnings to find out how much they made per hour of playtime.

Note: Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49er’s Jimmy Garoppolo were both injured early in the season. Despite being-first string quarterbacks, they didn’t end up playing the most on their team during the 2018 season. 

The quarterbacks with the highest wage per hour & per minute

QuarterbackTeamEarnings per hour of playtimeEarnings per minute of playtime
Jimmy GaroppoloSan Francisco 49ers$27,645,113.05$460,751.88
Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers$8,762,304.48$146,038.41
Alex SmithWashington Redskins$7,731,497.96$128,858.30
Matt RyanAtlanta Falcons$3,655,041.81$60,917.36
Ryan TannehillMiami Dolphins$3,611,060.16$60,184.34
Sam DarnoldNew York Jets$3,289,070.95$54,817.85
Blake BortlesJacksonville Jaguars$3,288,292.86$54,804.88
Baker MayfieldCleveland Browns$3,287,375.02$54,789.58
Kirk CousinsMinnesota Vikings$3,249,107.62$54,151.79
Drew BreesNew Orleans Saints$2,936,278.23$48,937.97
Andy DaltonCincinnati Bengals$2,910,598.56$48,509.98
Derek CarrOakland Raiders$2,707,083.54$45,118.06
Joe FlaccoBaltimore Ravens$2,508,176.25$41,802.94
Josh AllenBuffalo Bills$2,475,269.02$41,254.48
Case KeenumDenver Broncos$2,259,723.08$37,662.05
Cam NewtonCarolina Panthers$2,131,224.21$35,520.40
Eli ManningNew York Giants$2,083,438.83$34,723.98
Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh Steelers$2,040,318.29$34,005.30
Andrew LuckIndianapolis Colts$1,974,261.48$32,904.36
Matthew StaffordDetroit Lions$1,968,754.47$32,812.57
Josh RosenArizona Cardinals$1,880,607.53$31,343.46
Russell WilsonSeattle Seahawks$1,705,983.78$28,433.06
Philip RiversLos Angeles Chargers$1,611,122.71$26,852.05
Tom BradyNew England Patriots$1,487,544.30$24,792.40
Mitchell TrubiskyChicago Bears$802,112.49$13,368.54
Jameis WinstonTampa Bay Buccaneers$727,456.88$12,124.28
Marcus MariotaTennessee Titans$588,025.96$9,800.43
Carson WentzPhiladelphia Eagles$486,430.31$8,107.17
Jared GoffLos Angeles Rams$314,145.85$5,235.76
Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs$135,353.34$2,255.89
Deshaun WatsonHouston Texans$123,704.56$2,061.74
Dak PrescottDallas Cowboys$65,620.84$1,093.68

The quarterbacks with the highest annual salary

QuarterbackTeamEarnings per year
Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers$66,900,000
Jimmy GaroppoloSan Francisco 49ers$41,950,000
Alex SmithWashington Redskins$40,000,000
Matt RyanAtlanta Falcons$29,250,000
Drew BreesNew Orleans Saints$27,000,000
Kirk CousinsMinnesota Vikings$26,000,000
Derek CarrOakland Raiders$22,500,000
Baker MayfieldCleveland Browns$22,329,440
Sam DarnoldNew York Jets$20,558,338
Blake BortlesJacksonville Jaguars$20,000,000
Case KeenumDenver Broncos$18,023,476
Andrew LuckIndianapolis Colts$18,000,000
Ryan TannehillMiami Dolphins$17,500,000
Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh Steelers$17,000,000
Matthew StaffordDetroit Lions$16,500,000
Eli ManningNew York Giants$16,000,000
Russell WilsonSeattle Seahawks$15,500,000
Cam NewtonCarolina Panthers$15,000,000
Philip RiversLos Angeles Chargers$15,000,000
Tom BradyNew England Patriots$15,000,000
Josh AllenBuffalo Bills$13,965,846
Andy DaltonCincinnati Bengals$13,900,000
Joe FlaccoBaltimore Ravens$12,000,000
Josh RosenArizona Cardinals$11,358,368
Mitchell TrubiskyChicago Bears$6,597,656
Jameis WinstonTampa Bay Buccaneers$3,767,580
Marcus MariotaTennessee Titans$3,736,905
Jared GoffLos Angeles Rams$2,989,788
Carson WentzPhiladelphia Eagles$2,875,122
Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs$1,211,635
Deshaun WatsonHouston Texans$1,094,740
Dak PrescottDallas Cowboys$630,000

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